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JUDICIAL CIRCUIT – FAMILY DIVISIONFILE NO. PETITION TO CHANGE NAMECOUNTYIn the matter of the name change of to Charlie Scott SummerfieldCharles Allan Cater
Present first name(s), middle name(s), and last name(s) (type or print)Requested new first name(s), middle name(s), and last name(s) (type or print)1. An action within the jurisdiction of the family division of circuit court involving the family or family members of the person(s) named above has/have been previously filed in Court, Case Number is no longer , was pending.assigned to Judge , and remains 2. The name change is for: a. a married person who wishes to also include a name change for: his/her spouse. his/her minor child(ren), of whom the petitioner has legal custody. b. an adult. c. a minor, whose natural or adopted parents are:
Mother Fatherand.
NameBoth parents are deceased. The guardian is. (Attach letters of guardianship.)3. The name change is for the following reason: Id like to have the same last name as my mother remarried to a wonderful stepfather 4. The name change is not sought for any fraudulent intent. 5. The following person(s) seeking a name change has/have a criminal record:6. Each person for whom a name change is sought has been a resident of the county for at least one year.
[Complete item 7 only if the name change is for a minor. Please see other side for remainder of petition.]7. I have legal custody of the minor. a. The noncustodial parent has had the ability to visit, contact, or communicate with the child and has regularly and substantially failed or neglected to do so for a period of two years or more before the filing of this petition and either: a support order has been entered, and the noncustodial parent has failed to substantially comply with the order for a period of two years or more before the filing of this petition; or a support order has not been entered and the noncustodial parent, having the ability to support or assist in supporting the child, has failed or neglected to provide regular and substantial support for two years or more before the filing of this petition. b. The noncustodial parent has been convicted of child abuse (MCL 750.136b), criminal sexual conduct (MCL 750.520b, MCL 750.520c, 750.520d, or 750.520e), or assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct (MCL 750.520g) and the child or a sibling of the child was the victim. (Attach judgment of sentence.) c. The last-known address of the noncustodial parent is:The noncustodial parent is not living at the above address, and I have taken the following steps to locate him/her:(SEE SECOND PAGE)
Do not write below this line – For court use onlyPC 51 (9/10)PETITION TO CHANGE NAMEMCL 333.2872, MCL 711.1, MCR 3.613 8. I request the following name change(s): (Type or print first name, middle name, and last name.) FROM
month, day, yearCharles Allan Cater
Spouse Minor child Minor child Minor child Minor childCharlie Scott Summerfield11/10/1991
month, day, year month, day, year month, day, year month, day, year month, day, yearIf you want a new live birth certificate, check item 9. A special order is not needed if you only want to add the changed name(s) to the original certificate(s).9. I request the court to order the State Registrar to create a new live birth certificate that does not disclose the name of at birth and to seal the original certificate.
NameI declare that this petition has been examined by me and that its contents are true to the best of my information, knowledge, and belief.Date Petitioner signature Name (type or print) Address City, state, zip Telephone no.Date Petitioner signature Name (type or print) Address City, state, zip Telephone no.10. I am the spouse of the petitioner or the noncustodial parent of the minor and consent to the granting of this petition to change name.
Date Signature11. I am a minor 14 years of age or older, and I consent to the granting of this petition to change my name.Date DateMinors signature Minors signature12. I am a minor under 14 years of age, and I state my preference to the above name change.Date DateMinors signature Minors signatureAttorney signature Attorney name (type or print) Bar no.Address City, state, zip Telephone no. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR NAME CHANGE Every person 22 years of age or older whose name appears on the “Petition to Change Name” must follow these instructions before the court can act on the petition. Pursuant to Michigan law, every person 22 years of age or older who is requesting a name change must have a complete set of fingerprints taken at a local police agency. Those fingerprints will be used by the Michigan State Police and Federal Bureau of Investigation to check criminal records. The Michigan State Police will send a report to the court regarding any criminal records. If you have a criminal record, it will be presumed that you are seeking the name change with fraudulent intent. You must prove to the court that the name change is not being sought with fraudulent intent. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. File the “Petition to Change Name” (form PC 51) with the circuit court and pay the filing fee. 2. Make one copy of the completed “Petition to Change Name” (form PC 51). 3. Go to your local police agency for the fingerprint card and to have your fingerprints taken. The police agency will advise you of the appropriate fee. Take a copy of the “Petition to Change Name” with you. 4. After you have had your fingerprints taken, mail the copy of the “Petition to Change Name,” the fingerprint card, and the appropriate fee to the Michigan State Police. The fee must be made payable to the State of Michigan. Mail to: Michigan State Police Criminal Records Division P.O. Box 30634 Lansing, Michigan 48913 5. The Michigan State Police will review your criminal records and will forward the fingerprints to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Once the Federal Bureau of Investigation has reviewed its records and reported the information to the Michigan State Police, the Michigan State Police will send a report to the court. 6. After the court receives the required report from the Michigan State Police, the court can schedule a hearing on the “Petition to Change Name.” The court will mail you a notice when the required report is received. You must give the court a preaddressed, postage-paid envelope for mailing this notice. Contact the court eight weeks after you mail or deliver your fingerprint card to the Michigan State Police to find out if the required report has been received.rev. 9/10

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