How to Manage a Basketball Team

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Have you ever managed a basketball team Well I have, and I am willing to explain to you how to manage a basketball game. Its not a long process but it is very detailed.
First, you have to show up to the gym at least an hour before the players do. This is so you can go into the locker room and gather up the following things: six basketballs and ball bag, the camera, the med-kit, two uniform totes, the dry erase board and markers, the water bottles and towels, the food and drinks for the bus ride home, and a extra uniform (called a blood jersey). All of these items are going to be gathered up and packed up so they all fit under the bus in the under carrier.
Once you have gathered the items up you have to put the 6 balls in the bag. Put the camera in one of the empty uniform totes plus the dry erase board and the water bottles. In the other empty uniform tote, you have to put the blood jersey in it plus the towels. Also you have to put the markers in the med-kit. You have to double check yourself and recheck yourself about everything you gathered up. Also asked the coach if there is anything that he or she would like for you to do, other then what you have already done. He or she might ask you to run and make copies of something before the bus leaves, this is why you always show up an hour before the players.
Third, you must load the under carry of the bus. The bus is loaded two different ways, one way for the way there and one way for the way home from the game. On the way to the game is pretty easy; you just have to put the two totes in and the med-kit plus the ball bag. Then if the players have brought the food for the bus ride home you have to add that under bus to. The bus ride to the game, all the players pick their seats, but the first four seats are for the coaches. The seats after the coaches are the managers and then the rest of the bus is the players. Senior players usually sit in the back of the bus then the underclassmen in between the managers and the senior players.
Fifth, once arrived at the game you have to unload the bus and carry everything into the locker room. Then in the locker room you have to grab the water bottles, the med-kit, towels, and dry erase board. Take these items to the bench for the players and coaches. Once at the bench, you need to take the water bottles and fill them up unless the other school has water at the bench for you to use.
Sixth, during the game you have to be on your toes. This means you got to have water and towels ready for the players when they come to the bench for time outs or when they change players. Also during time outs you need to have the dry erase board for the coaches. Be even more on your toes incase a player gets hurt and you have to help them. During half-time of the big game, you have to take the water bottles, towels and sometimes the dry erase board into the locker room. Once you are finished in the locker room also during half-time you need to refill the water bottles for the second half of the game.
Seventh, after the game is over and its time to go you must reload the under carry of the bus. Collect all six of the balls you took with you in the ball bag. One of the players will take the food from under the bus and put it on the bus with them in one of the managers seats. Then you first put the uniform totes in one on each end of the under carry. Add the med-kit and water bottles between them plus the ball bag. Once you have the under carry loaded, you get to hand out the food to the players. Always start with the seniors and make sure the coaches are last, most of the time the coaches will not want the food. It??™ll all depend on how long the bus ride is back to the home gym.
Eighth, once back at the home gym. You unload the bus and find out which player takes the dirty uniforms home, so their parents can wash them. Once unloaded you must take the water bottles, med-kit, dry erase board, camera and ball bag back into the locker room. Also put the balls back on the ball rack. Make sure the coaches do not want you to do anything else for them before you are able to leave the gym.
Finally you are able to go home from a long game night. Although most of the time you have to be back at the gym the next day for practice. Usually the next day practice is the day the player brings back the uniforms and you have to hang them up during practice.
In the end managing basketball is not all that hard. It??™s basically just doing what the coaches tell you to do and sometimes doing it without being asked to. All in all it isn??™t much to do when you??™re a manager.

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