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By acting out a character role in the play within the play each character is able to discover and reveal unexpected, unusual, or even unrealised qualities in themselves. The play Cosi Fan Tutte has helped the patients to ???come out of their shells??™ and has developed them all and appointed them in the right direction into leaving the asylum. The play Cosi Fan Tutte had a positive experience by being out of the ward it helped them get their minds off of things and made them do something worth doing. Ruth, Henry and Julie all benefit and find confidence in themselves and do come out of their shells as the play goes on. Ruth starts off as a quiet and shy and has trouble releasing the difference between reality and illusion ???but as I said before. I can??™t handle something being an illusion or real but not at the same time???. Ruth starts to understand the difference between reality and illusion as she is able to “pretend” as the play goes on. Ruth discovers more confidence in herself through playing Dorabella. Ruth became interested in the play and by being out of the ward it took her mind off things and brings her out of her comfort zone. Ruth ends up leaving the institution to become a time and motion expert. The Play Cosi Fan Tutte motivated Ruth and made her realise more about herself and helped her to be successful by bringing her out of her shell. At the beginning of Cosi, Henry is very quiet. He barely speaks and seems to be under some influence by Roy, another patient. This is evident on page 8, where Henry gets up to leave after hearing what play Roy wants to perform, showing his disapproval. Roy instantly yells, Henry! and Henry obediently sits back down. Another example of this is on page 27, after Henry refuses to speak his part. Lewis tries to tell him that he must want to do the play, because he is at the rehearsal. Henrys response was, Hhhhhee made me dddddo it., showing how submissive Henry is. This changes though later on in the play. Nick comes in and takes over directing from Lewis, and when he learns of the soldiers in the play being Albanian, he becomes annoyed that Lewis would make fun of the people who are supporting the Vietcong, when that is who they are trying to help by protesting against the Vietnam War. Hearing of this support for communists, Henry becomes angry, referring to Lewis and Nick as traitors, and attacking Nick. As the play goes on Henry has more confidence in his self and isn??™t their because forced but because he wants to. Henry interacts with others better and comes out of his comfort zone by playing a role in Cosi Fan TutteJulie is very enthusiastic towards the play, it provides a distraction from her addiction. ???Doesn??™t make me sit in my ward thinking, what I need right now is??¦..??? By participating in Cosi Fan Tutte this helps Julie to overcome her addiction to drunks and takes her mind off her addiction. Julie is able to have a relationship with Lewis which she enjoys and is comforted by his appearance. Julie doesn??™t have a mental problem more that a addiction which separates her from the rest of the patients. Cosi Fan Tutte bring Julie out of her shell because she has someone to relate to in Lewis and ???uses up energy, getting out of the ward???. Julie develops a romantic relationship during the play which reveals the sensuality in her character.In Summary by all the patients participating in the play it had a positive impact on them by helping Ruth relies the difference between reality and illusion, by Henry having confidence in himself to make his own decisions and stand up for himself and bring him out of his comfort zone and by Julie having someone to relate to as in Lewis and keeping her mind of the her addiction to drugs. Cosi Fan Tutte was successful in bring these characters out of their shells and helped to overcome their mental disorder or addiction.

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